Casten Protocol

Casten Protocol Contract Architecture

As we continue research towards designing of our robust protocol infrastructure, this page gives a sneak peak into our initial design.
Lender Contracts overview
  • New users on Casten protocol need be whitelisted by completing KYC. Each eligible investor is then added to a mapping list housed in Whitelist.sol. The whitelist contract also houses the user -> position mappings.
  • After a user is whitelisted, the user enters an epoch and places a supply order on the tranche.
  • The Epoch controller computes all the supply and redeem orders and executes orders accordingly.
  • The SeniorTranche pool behaves like a credit line to the borrower, with suppliers adding capital upto the pool limit, and borrowers accessing funds based on loan agreement terms, and collecting interest.
  • PoolReserve is a reserve pool which holds cash for supply and redeem orders.
  • PoolFactory is the factory contract which deployes new pools for a new or existing borrower, with pool terms like interest rate, maturity, loan amount as parameters.
  • Auditor houses the logic for computing interst and penalties in case of delayed interest payments. It also contains the loan asset value calculations for the NAV feed.
  • NAV feed contract acts as an oracle for each pools senior and junior ERC20 tokens for composibilty and data utilities.